Studio 08Located in downtown Lancaster City, Frank Fico, Inc., is unlike any other hair salon you’ve ever been in.

The boutique hair salon in Lancaster, PA has been in business for over 10+ years.  And in those ten years, Frank has earned a very loyal fanbase–people who’ve been faithful customers for many years, simply because of the exceptional service you get when you schedule an appointment with Frank.

“Absolutely an amazing talent,” says Tisa Brinkley, a woman who’s been getting her hair done by Frank since his early days as a hair stylist in Maryland, over 15 years ago.

“He’s simply the best,” says Judy Blore, a local Lancaster woman who’s been getting her hair cut by Frank for almost 7 years.  Preferring her hair short, she schedules an appointment with Frank every 2 months to maintain her pixie look.

She adds, “I love the whole experience you get.  I even look forward to the shampooing because that’s when Frank massages your head!   In the end, my hair really does look like art.”

Schedule your hair appointment now!Another local woman, Roselle Ignacio, who was recommended by her mother-in-law, is a new fan.  “I really like that you get a private, one-on-one session.  As soon as you walk through his door, you really get your, ‘me’ time.  No other hair stylist has ever been so attentive,” she says.

Frank’s expertise is so well-known in the community, that last October, he was interviewed by the local newspaper, Lancaster New Era, for their Lifestyle segment about hair coloring called, “In Full Color.”

“He’s extremely talented in highlights and coloring,” says Kate T., “I have never been so impressed/in love with my hair until I met Frank.”

To get your hair done by Frank, call (717) 396-0678 or for immediate service, schedule your appointment online by clicking this link now.